Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Control Your Life

If you or someone you know isn’t sleeping enough or is fatigued, then this may be caused by a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is something that should not be ignored, and you and your sleeping partner need to be aware of this. Read on to gain more useful information.

If your airway is naturally narrow, a mouth guard for sleep may help with your sleep apnea. A sleep mouth guard will correct the airway and let you breathe correctly all night. If you think a mouth guard might help you out, consult a physician and ask her to fit you with one.

Do you sometimes drink or smoke? Get rid of behaviors that are not good for you. These substances influence your airways. Smoking causes swelling in the airway. On the other hand, alcohol causes the airway to relax, much like sleeping pills. If you’re not able to stop smoking and drinking, at least don’t do them before you fall asleep.

You must use your CPAP at least 4 hours nightly after receiving your unit. It is hard for many patients to become accustomed to using the CPAP. Use your CPAP as often as prescribed by your doctor, and make sure it fits properly. If you struggle to adjust to it in the beginning, try using the CPAP for about four hours while you sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Losing weight through a good diet can fight sleep apnea. You’d be surprised at how much a healthy diet can help you with sleep apnea. Research shows that people who eat an unhealthy diet have more severe apnea than some overweight people who eat healthier.

Try to sleep on your side instead of your back to breathe easier when you sleep. When lying on your back, your throat and nasal passages can obstruct your airways. Try very hard to rest on your side, and you may find your symptoms alleviated.

Swear off sleeping pills. One of the effects of sleeping pills is that they constrict your throat, which only exacerbates sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea it can be life threatening to take sleeping pills.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is a simple and proven effective method of decreasing your chances of suffering from sleep apnea. It’s possible to get rid of this condition just by losing weight. Even a few pounds can help your sleep apnea symptoms.

Use nasal spray if you have a nose issue. You can experience a few nights of untroubled sleep using such a product. However, they are not suitable for long term use. Talk to your pharmacist about your options.

One method you can try to improve your condition is to strengthen your throat muscles. The cause of sleep apnea is a blockage in the airways which results in a lack of an ability to breathe. As the muscles become stronger, they will be less likely to collapse and block the airways.

Don’t drink too much if you have sleep apnea. Drinking can overly relax throat muscles, causing blocked airways and snoring. You should either cease drinking alcohol or reduce your consumption to no more than a couple of drinks before dinner. If you do this, your quality of sleep should improve.

Wind Instrument

You should take lessons on a wind instrument. You will like the music and help exercise muscles that can better your breathing. By playing a wind instrument you are strengthening these muscles, making it easier for you to manage them and lessening the severity of your sleep apnea.

Go to sleep on your side because sleeping looking straight up can make sleep apnea worse. One trick to prevent yourself from accidentally rolling onto your back in the night is to attach a lumpy object to the back of your pajamas. You will not want to lay on your back on these objects.

Those with sleep apnea may need to find simple solutions to get a good night’s rest. Sleeping at random times can disrupt your sleep, so go to bed each night at the same time. Make your bedroom comfortable to sleep in. If you sleep in improper conditions, you might suffer from chronic lack of sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Remember that you may not consciously realize you are having a sleep apnea episode. If you’re having difficulty in staying awake during the day, especially while you are behind the wheel, immediately talk to your doctor. This could be a problem of sleep apnea, even when you have no idea that you’re getting up at night gasping for air.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article to use and share with others. If you just ignore sleep apnea, you are setting yourself up for future health problems and low quality of life. Use the information you learned from this article and share with anyone else you think it could help.